Friday Positivty Post

Remember to always do somethjng that’s going to make you happy. Working 70+ hours a week has made me realize that if you don’t take a little time to yourself and socialize a bit, you’ll go stir crazy and have no idea what to do with yourself. Always take at least one day out of the week to do something that makes you feel good. I had to leave my other job because it was WAY too much negativity in my life. Now, I get to wake up earlier and be done working by 2 in a local bagel shop. Happiness is WAY more valueable than money will ever be to me. My lines have improved this week. That makes me extremely happy. It means I’ll be moving on the shading soon. Progress along the way is also like having little accomplishments as you go. Ideally, set short term and long term goals for yourself. Honestly, short term goals keep me motivated more than long term. It’s just how some people are! Remember to stay positive this weekend. Throw a random compliment out and make somebody’s day. It’s amazing how a few positive words from a stranger can effect someone so greatly. 


My world isn’t flat

Finally, I’ve moved on from flat surfaces and pushed forward a little more to my awesome future. Wrapped the synthetic skin around Cayce’s arm, my boyfriend. Although the line work didn’t turn out as great as the flat surface work, I know it’s only going to help in the future. Progress, progress, progress. Practice makes perfect, and my current situation is not my final destination. Working hard for the future I’m going to love. I can’t thank Cayce enough for all the care, love, and patience he’s given me over the past 6 months. Remember- to get somewhere, sacrifices most likely need to be made! Stay positive. I hope ya’ll have a happy Easter!

Moving on-

 This was the first time I attempted to pick up a machine. Wonky lines, no stencil, and basically nothing you would ever want to stain your body forever. After putting in countless hours at my apprenticeship- coming in early and staying late. 70+ hours a week- my lines have finally come out good 🙌🏻

They’re not perfect yet and still a long way to go- get to practice another moth later today, and I’ll post that! But, excitingly enough, I get to move on the Level 4 soon…… SHADING!

Level 3

Level 1 was just picking up a machine. The beautiful demonic blue dragonfly ordered from Ink Machines in Sweden.

Level 2 was drawing long lines.

Level 3 is testing precision and how I’m able to connect the lines. It’s a slow process and I’m learning a lot daily. Nowhere near where I need to be, but getting better and better. More updates in the future!